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We provide many different types of services related to website creation. Most of the services we provide are categorized under the following areas:

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AJAX Web Applications

AJAX, or Ajax, is a fairly new technique used for creating web applications that are interactive. A dynamic web page is a web page that changes frequently. With a traditional dynamic web page built with HTML, or DHTML, the entire page is redrawn. However, with AJAX, only a small portion of the page is redrawn. Because only a small portion of the page needs to be updated, the web application is able to refresh more quickly, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for the user.

An AJAX application sends and receives data to and from the server behind the scenes using an XMLHttpRequest object. AJAX is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

If you have a website that you think you may want to have built using AJAX techniques, please give us a call at 1-801-885-2562 today!

Flex Web Applications

Adobe Flex is a software development kit created originally by Macromedia in March 2004, then purchased by Adobe in December 2005. Using Flex, web application developers are enabled to build rich internet applications that run on top of the Adobe Flash Player quickly and easily. Flex applications may include Flash applications, but they may also be enhanced with additional capabilities that are not available in traditional web applications. Some of the features available with Flex are charting and graphing, web services including database connectivity and socket communication, remote objects, drag and drop, and sortable columns.

Using Flex to build your website can make your web page look and feel like an attractive desktop application. To view an example of an application built with Flex, you may try out our Quote Calculator.

Flex is extremely useful for reading data and information from a database, and updating the database from multiple clients. One neat thing about Flex is that client applications accross the web can be updated automatically when the database has been modified. For example, let's suppose Joe logs onto a Flex website and buys a product that is the last one available. At the same time, Sarah logs on to the same website from a different location and also attempts to buy the same product. They both see that the product is available. However, Joe clicks the Buy button first. The database will be updated by Joe's transaction. A message will be sent to the Flex application that Sarah is using and her screen will be refreshed with the new information from the database. Before Sarah has a chance to click the Buy button, she will receive a message that the last product has been already been sold and she will realize that she was too late, as her Buy button disappears.

To learn more about Flex, and to view tutorials and demonstrations created with Flex, go to Adobe's Flex website.

Flash Sites

Flash sites are websites that include rich internet applications created using Adobe Flash technology provided by Adobe Systems. Websites created with Flash require the Adobe Flash Player to be installed on each client machine that opens the website. Depending on the size of the Flash application, Flash files can take a long time to download--especially for clients that are still using dial-up connections. Also, text and content stored in Flash files are not usually accessible to most web crawlers. This means, that if you would like potential customers to find your site by entering keywords in a search engine, like Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you should probably use HTML for the main content of your website.

If you like the look of a Flash application, you could use Flash for a small portion of your website to make your site more attractive. However, you should keep in mind that many customers may not be willing to wait for your site to load if they have a slow connection, and if your Flash files are too large.

Some of the advantages of Flash are that it can be used to create very fun and attractive animation and interactive applications. Many of today's on-line games are created with Flash technology. Flash can be used to create very eye-catching and attractive advertisements. Flash can also be used to integrate video into your web pages.

Video Steaming

Video streaming is becoming very popular today because it is an excellent way to demonstrate what you are trying to sell. People enjoy watch videos online, especially if the videos are entertaining. This is an excellent way to captivate your audience. If done well, it is also a great way to close a sale.

Adding a video to your website or shopping cart can be a lot more affordable than most people realize. If you are even remotely interested in placing a video or audio clip on your website, give us a call at 1-801-885-2562 today!

PHP Web Pages

PHP is a reflective programming language. It is typically used to create dynamic web pages, or web pages that change periodically. PHP allows you to embed HTML content. That is, you may write your web page in both PHP and HTML. You may structure your web pages using HTML. Using PHP code, your website can read information from a database and update the content displayed on your web page with the data and information extracted from the database.

You may also use PHP to add Knowledge Bases, News Articles, Blogs, Ads, Guestbooks, Galleries, and many other items to your website. You may read more information about PHP at You may also want to look at sites like HotScripts or SourceForge to see some of the PHP programs that are available. If you need help installing and configuring any PHP program, feel free to contact us or check out our Quote Calculator to get a feel for our prices.

HTML Web Pages

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the predominant language used for creating web pages. Web pages written in HTML are structured using labels known as tags.

You find more information about HTML, including a history of HTML at Wikipedia.

We highly recommend using HTML at least for the majority of your website, as opposed to newer technologies, simply because it is easier for search engines to gather information from your website pages if they are written in HTML. HTML pages are also faster to load than pages written in Flash and other technologies.


A database is a collection of data or information that is stored on a server. The server where the information is stored is not always on the same server where the website is hosted, but it can be.

If your website needs to include a form to prompt potential customers for contact information, for example, the best way for you to collect this information is to have your web application save the information to a database. You can then access this information whenever you like.

When a user enters their contact information, that information is private, so access to the database should be restricted from the general public. Databases are typically protected from intruders with a password stored in a safe location, and typically in an encrypted form.

Some of the most popular databases today include MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, HSQL, DB2, and Pervasive. Because MySQL and PostgreSQL are free to install and use, and they have been around long enough to be reliable and efficient databases, these are the most commonly used by the general public.

Online Forms

An online form is a web page, or a section of a web page, that collects information from a website visitor. When the user clicks the Send or Submit button, the form can then be sent to a pre-configured e-mail account. The information may also be saved to a database. Online forms are very popular because they are easy and convenient for both the end-user and for the administrator who processes the forms. They also eliminate or reduce the need for paper, and they reduce the risk of losing information.

Forms may be created in all types of web pages, including HTML, PHP, Flash, and Flex.

Template Customization

A website template is a pre-fabricated website. It is a collection of web pages and graphics built to satisfy a specific audience.

Questions About Templates

Question: If I choose a template, will this affect the overall cost to build my website?

Answer: Yes, choosing a template WILL significantly reduce the cost to build your website. Not only will a portion of your website be already created at the time you purchase the template, but it will also reduce many communication barriers. We will not have to guess about what you want your website to look like. If you choose a template, it will make it easier for us to build exactly what you want the first time.

Question: What percentage of my overall cost will be reduced if I choose a template?

Answer: This depends on the size and complexity of your website, as well as your ability to provide us with the information and content needed to build your website quickly. On a typical website, the bulk of the work involved in creating the website is not usually the time it takes to build the pages and add the content and the graphics. Instead, the bulk of the work is usually spent in building forms, setting up a shopping cart, installing a gallery, or adding customizations that the website owner would like to have.

Question: Where can I find a template?

Answer: There are thousands of templates to choose from all over on the web. Although we do not currently re-sell templates that we create from scratch, we are able to get somewhat of a discount from companies that do. We recommend that you search some of the following sites for templates that you think might work for your business.

Keep in mind that you do not have to find a template in the same category as your business. If you like a template that is taylored for a different type of business, we can always swap out graphics and customize the template to fit your need.

If you have fast-speed internet, take a look at the partially completed website for Capture the Moment Art. As you will quickly discover, this site began as a template designed for a furniture store. A few swapped images and some text can quickly turn a template into a completely different type of site.

Question: What if I cannot find a template I like?

Answer: If you cannot find a template you like, that's okay. We do, however, recommend that you look for other sites on the web that are similar to what you have in mind. We can, and often do, create sites from scratch. We simply feel that it is more cost-efficient if you can find something similar to what you would like, so we can have a good idea of what your preferences are.

E-Commerce Sites and Shopping Carts

If you have products or services that you would like to sell on your website, then you will certainly need a shopping cart of some type.

The world of online shopping is changing dramatically as new technologies are emerging. AJAX and Flash and Flex technologies are allowing websites to interract more with the customer, making the user experience more personal. These technologies, along with video and audio streaming, are making the shopping experience more enjoyable and painless, and are helping to close more sales.

For a very reasonable price, we build customized shopping carts that are not only attractive, but that engage the customer.

There are many shopping carts available on the web. They range significantly in price and quality. Some shopping carts are free. Some shopping carts charge a one-time fee. Others charge an on-going monthly or annual fee. If you need advice in choosing a shopping cart that fits your needs, or if you would like a customized shopping cart for a relatively low price, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail using our Contact Us page.

Merchant Accounts

In order for a shopping cart to process transactions, the shopping cart must be hooked up to a merchant account of some sort. Some shopping carts have the merchant account built in. These are typically more expensive, but they may be easier to maintain. Free shopping carts, such as osCommerce, usually allow you to choose what type of merchant account to use.

We highly recommend that you use caution when selecting a merchant account. This is an area of intense fraudulant activity. There are many merchant account companies that do not disclose all of their fees and charges up front. They may tell you about one fee, and try to convince you that you are getting a great deal. It may not be until a month or two later, or even until the end of the year, that you discover that there are additional fees that were detailed in your contract that the salesman failed to mention at the time you signed the contract.

If you are just starting out, your best bet is to go with something simple, yet reliable and trustworthy. We recommend using PayPal Website Payments or Google Checkout. Companies like Authorize.Net are not a bad choice either.

If you need any help installing and configuring a shopping cart, feel free to contact us or check out our Quote Calculator to get a feel for our prices.

Web Hosting

If you do not already have a website, or a place to host your website, we can help you find a website hosting service that is very affordable. Although we may host some of our own websites in-house, we set our clients up with accounts through third-party hosting companies. Since hosting prices continuously fluctuate, we are continually investigating hosting companies to find the hosting companies with the most reliable and affordable packages. Because we buy larger packages, we are able to give our clients a better deal than what they would get if they purchased a smaller package through the same company.

It is important that the hosting company has a reliable backup system in place. If you have a business website, it is extremely important that the servers that host your website have a very high uptime percentage. Uptime refers to the amount of time that your site is available or responsive to web requests. If the server is ever down, you lose business, regardless of what time of the day or night it is.

For business that generate a lot of traffic, it is also important to buy a hosting package that provides plenty of bandwidth. As explained on Wikipedia, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred to or from the website or server in a given month. Typically, smaller website hosting packages do not allow for a very large amount of traffic. Because we buy larger packages and we keep a close eye on the amount of bandwidth each of our clients use, bandwith is usually not an issue. Bandwidth should be something that you, as the website owner, should not have to be concerned about.

We would like to make two things clear about how we work when it comes to website hosting:

  • You can host your website wherever you like!
    Although it is more convenient for us to maintain your website if we set up the hosting, we are willing to work on your website regardless of where it is hosted. In order for us to upload the new website pages, graphics, and resources, we will naturally need information on how to connect to your existing site. If you already have a site, there is no reason to move it unless you are dissatisfied with your current website hosting services and prices.

  • You own your own website!
    If we do set up the hosting for your website, or register a domain for you, you own that website and domain. If at any point you want to have someone else work on the website, or you would like to transfer your domain, just let us know. We will not be offended in any way, if you decide you are done with our services. If you paid for your hosting services through us, and you still have time remaining, we will issue you a refund for the time remaining on the hosting package.

E-Mail Accounts

E-Mail accounts typically come free with any website hosting package. If you do not already have a website, and you would like us to help you get set up with one of the most reliable, yet inexpensive hosting packages available, feel free to give us a call.

If you allow us to set up your website hosting, you will be able to create an unlimited number of web and POP e-mail accounts. A web e-mail account allows you to access your mail using the web from any computer with access to the internet. A POP e-mail account allows you to access your mail using any electronic mail application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or Opera.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today there are numerous companies out on the market that will claim to be experts on search engine optimization and will claim to guarantee you that your site will be ranked among the top few sites within a given period of time. We do not make such claims or guarantees. There are many tricks that some companies will use to temporarily push your site to the top. Although we have studied search engine optimization in great depth and can help you get better results for a small fraction of what most SEO engineers charge, we do not claim to know ALL of the secrets and tricks. (Many of these tricks could get your site banned from the Google database.)

The website crawlers, such as the Google Crawler, are constantly changing. Developers are constantly making the search engines smarter. The best way to make your website climb toward the top of the search lists and stay there is by applying a few basic SEO principles.

If you are interested in increasing your traffic without paying constantly for more marketing, we can apply these SEO principles to your website. We can also train you how to continue optimizing your website yourself, so that you will not have to continue paying huge amounts of fees to stay at the top of the search lists. We are also willing to give advice free of cost, if you are interested in learning to optimize your website on your own. Feel free to give us a call or e-mail us with any questions you have regarding search engine optimization. To learn more about search engine optimization, you may read more about this subject in the search engine optimization section of our blog site.


Depending on the type of photo or graphic, we may create it from scratch, or in many cases, we may purchase our images online. We do not believe in using graphics that we have not paid for. If you have your own photos that you have purchased or acquired, you may send them to us to post on your website. We do not take responsibility photos that are illegally copied from other websites.

The following is a list of websites that have great royalty-free photos at a reasonable price that can be purchased to use on most websites.

Once we purchase a professional photo, we do all of our editing and cropping of the images in-house, to optimize the photos for the web. If you find photos that you would like to add to your website, and you purchase or acquire these yourself, please be sure to read the usage agreement associated with the images. Some agreements do not allow you to edit the photos. Many agreements are also very specific about how and where the photos may be used.

Please note that we do not build sites with adult material, nor sites for drug traffic or other illegal or questionable practices. We reserve the right to turn down any project in order to preserve our integrity and reputation.

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