We are continuously building new websites and adding features to existing websites. The sites shown on this page are a subset of our work. If you would like to see additional examples that are more specific to your needs, please e-mail us some information about your site or project.

You may click on the images or click the company name to view the full site.

    Capture The Moment Art: This site was created from a Flash template that was originally built for a furniture store. If you are not on dial-up, double-click the image below to view some of the cool things you can do with Flash.

    Site City: We built our own site from scratch, keeping search engine optimization in mind. Notice that we did not use cool graphics for the menus along the top. This was very tempting. We love to create cool-looking buttons. However, search engine crawlers give higher preference to links created with text, as opposed to images.

    Darling Appraising: This site was created from a Flash template. The owners of this site have plenty of clients, and were not concerned with search engine optimization. They simply wanted a nice-looking site where clients could go to in order to request appraisals.

    Previous Site City: We built our previous website from a template. This website was mostly built with HTML, with some Flash in the header. This site looked okay, but was not suited as well for search engine optimization.

    Nevada Foot Doctors: This is an HTML site for podiatrists in Henderson, Nevada. Click on their 'Our Office' button to see how easy and helpful it is to add a map to your site to help customers find your office.

    The Repair Loft: This website is an e-Commerce site built using the osCommerce shopping cart. The website owner chose to use PayPal Payments Pro as the merchant account to process their transactions.

    Planet Ball Soccer Academy: This website is built with HTML and has a Flash header. This site also has an online photo gallery.

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