Attractive Professional Websites

Our goal at Site City is to build websites that are well-designed and attractive, yet affordable enough for almost anyone who is serious about improving their presence and profitability on the web. A well-planned design with good content, sharp-looking graphics, and an action-focused message can dramatically increase profitability.

A successful website should not only attract new customers, but should keep customers coming back again and again.

Customer Satisfaction

Our main focus at Site City is to satisfy our customers. We want our customers to be successful--not just to improve our own reputation and profitability, but because it feels good to help others succeed. When our customers are happy, we are happy.

We believe that we can acheive our goal of always keeping our customers happy by following these guidelines:

  • Quality Work
  • We take pride in our work. We believe in creating sites that are attractive, organized, well-designed and successful in generating more and better business for our customers.

    Although our main focus is to build it right the first time, if we make a mistake, or if you--the customer--are unsatisfied in any way, let us know!

    We thrive on honest, ethical, positive relationships, and we are committed to working hard and long on all projects until our customers are completely satisfied.

    In order to provide quality work, we believe in keeping up to date in all of the latest methods and technologies relating to the types of services we provide.

  • Keeping the Cost Down
  • We all need to make money, but we strive to keep our costs down by using smart strategies, by being extremely productive and efficient, and by doing things the right way the FIRST time.

    If you are curious to know how much we charge for our services, feel free to check out our Quote Calculator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime.

  • Professional Advice
  • If our customers make poor choices in design, usability, and marketing strategies, they will likely lose in profitability. Our goal is to educate our customers, so that they can understand the importance of good design and usability.

  • Increase Quality Traffic
  • Even for those companies who believe they have all of the customers that they need, it is always helpful to have more. If you have too many customers, perhaps it is time to expand your business or to raise your prices.

    Our goal is to help you generate more traffic that is genuinely interested in the products and services that you provide.

  • Keep Visitors Interested
  • Generating a lot of traffic is not sufficient to build profitability. Your potential customer will make a decision about whether it is worth it to them to spend more time on your website during the first few seconds of their visit.

    Your site should have a clean attractive look that catches the customer's eye.

    If your site takes too long to load, you will most likely lose a large percent of your potential customers.

    If your site is too busy, your potential customer will likely get confused about what you offer and continue searching elsewhere.

    You may have exactly what a given customer wants. You may even be very affordable. But if you are not successful in convincing customers during the first few seconds of their visit, they will be gone forever.

  • Good Communication
  • It would be impossible for us to keep our customers happy if we did not first find out exactly what it is they want and need.

    Good communication is important from start to finish. We believe in always letting the customer know what they can expect from us, in cost, in time, and in end-result.

    We break down each project we take on into manageable sub-projects. For each sub-project, we set specific milestones, and we work hard to stick to those milestones. In the rare case that an unexpected event occurs that might throw us off our schedule, we communicate this information promptly, so that our customers are always informed.

    Time is money. If we miss deadlines, our customers miss deadlines, and we all lose. Also, if a customer changes their mind about what they want, we will let them know up front how the budget will be affected by the changes.

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